Why Break The Bank??

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Hello Beauties,

For the last couple of months I had the chance to try different products from different brands which some I never heard of and after testing them I wish I had known about sooner. Here is a list of 10 makeup brands, I tried and loved, that offer an amazing quality but won’t break the bank with no specific order and you can find them either in stores or online.

1. Makeup Revolution
I believe that Makeup Revolution is the fastest booming makeup company on earth. It doesn’t take too long for this brand to come up with new products. I just can’t seem to follow. Their main products are their eye shadow palettes which are the exact dupes of several high end ones. The color payoff is nevertheless incredible. Honestly I own many of their palettes and I can never seem to have enough. 

2. Wet’N’Wild
Known for their buttery and pigmented Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection, Wet’N’Wild is one of the great drugstore makeup brands in terms of price and quality. The MegaLast Lip Colors are one of my favorite lipsticks. The colors are simply incredible and the lasting power is just amazing. The Coverall foundation and primer are again one of “forever purchased”, and you can find my complete review about them here. And finally I cannot forget the Color Icon blushes, those are literally awesome and you guys definitely have to try them.

3. E.L.F
e.l.f is certainly one of the most known drugstore brands thanks to its inexpensive prices. The quality though of the products is outstanding.. Too good to be true?? Not with e.l.f as that’s exactly what you get. Their makeup brushes are very famous along with a huge list of items.

4. Essence
Known for its extremely cheap prices, Essence cosmetics is a European brand that provides high quality makeup products. My favorite products are: the eye shadow primer, the liquid and longlasting lipsticks and the lip liners.

5. Catrice
It is one of the newest brands I came to try. I own a lot of their concealers/highlighting pens and I’m so in love with their bronzers and blush artist shading palettes. The products are super soft and pigmented with a reasonable variety of colors. It’s definitely a brand to give a space in your collection.

6. Rimmel London
Let me say that I’m a huge lover of Rimmel London. It’s not only affordable but the qualtiy is outstanding just as good as most of high end brands. The Stay Matte pressed powder for instance is one of the most loved powders among the bloggers community. Their foundations, mascaras (reviewed here & here), lipsticks (reviewed here) and concealers (reviewed here) are no less quality.

7. NYX
This is a one goes hand in hand with many high end brands. NYX has a lot to offer not only reasonable pricing but also professional quality. I’ve been using a lot from their matte lip creams, HD concealers, brow powder, mascaras, blushes, contour palette … and I still have a lot more to try. It’s with no doubt one of my favorite drugstore brands. It is absolutely gorgeous!!

8.  Makeup Geek
Makeup Geek shadows are one of the best eye shadows out there. They are very pigmented, buttery with a very large variety of colors. The idea of choosing my own shades and putting them all together in one customized z palette is enjoyable.

9. L.A Girl
Their Pro concealers are one of the best concealers of all time which many celebrities swear by and they are super cheap.

10. Milani
Milani Cosmetics offers the most affordable brand with high quality products. The brand is unfortunately not available in UAE and doesn’t accept international payments.. I’ve read and heard tons of great stuff about their baked blushes and lipsticks. I managed though to get one baked blush in Fantastico Mauve and I’m dying to get my hands on the others. The only one I own is simply great in colour, quality and lasting power. I’m amazed.

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