A Classic Discovered ...

by - 7:29:00 AM

Laura Mercier is a brand that has been raved about over and over, specifically their cult classic powders that I had under my radar for quite some time.

I eventually picked the Secret Brightening Powder, and just like most of powders I tried, it turned my under-eye cakey when I first used it, which was quite frustrating in light of all the praise that shadowed this tiny pot.  I then presumed that it’s another over hyped product, still, I didn’t let go that quick. Three weeks back, I decided to give it another go, not sure why but I did and I’m glad I did, using a damp sponge this time instead of a powder brush and that was the winner card that got me completely hooked on this game.

I usually tend to stay away from loose powders because of their messiness. However, this cute little pot contains the finest & most efficient powder that could ever exist for a flawless, luminous & brightening effect. Truly as described, the Laura Mercia Secret Brightening Powder is lighter than air that doesn’t crease or settle into the fine lines. Instead, it boosts the concealer effect & reflects the micronized pigments for an instant eye lift.

Yes, a loose powder wasn’t a part of my routine, and despite the high price tag, I’m being totally smitten with the lightweight, formula and effect of the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder that now, has a permanent spot in my stash.

Till next time…!!!

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  1. Nice tip! I'm a huge fan of the Laura Mercier finishing powder and may have to try this one!


    1. That was a real game changer with this powder... Let me know if it worked :)