Dead Sea Mud Mask | Review

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It’s been a long while since I posted a skincare review. That’s because I believe this category of products requires more time before getting your thoughts straight on a product unless that first use turned into a total failure.

I’m a huge fan of natural mud masks for their healing and cleansing properties, though I’ve only tried the Moroccan one so far. Nevertheless, I finally got the chance to try the dead sea one from a company called Petra.

This dead sea mud mask comes in a sturdy huge sized tub with a very generous amount of 550g of product. As for the mask itself, it is 100% natural, rich in minerals, salts and other powerful substances. It truly does wonders to the skin and let me be frank; this one exceeded by far my expectations… It is smooth & soft in texture and has a typical smell of natural mud. It is also SLS and paraben free…. I’m really in love.

The powerful blend of ingredients the mask has, not only leaves my skin baby soft but also super moist. The dead sea mud is great in absorbing the excess oils & impurities, giving the skin an instant radiance and freshness. It also helps massively in fighting off blackheads around my nose and in addition to that, it removes impurities deep within my “not-so-large” pores to shrink them and reveal a bright skin beneath.

I’ve only applied this mask on my face so far and I can’t have enough. It is worth every single penny. I can even say that it’s a pure “fountain of youth”. If you guys have difficulty maintaining a glowing complexion, I absolutely recommend grabbing the Petra Dead Sea Mud Mask.

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