Makeup Revolution Light & Shade Palette Review

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Welcome back to my blog! Wishing all a lovely new year 2017 full of love, health and joy!!

I’m starting this year with a review of the Makeup Revolution Light & Shade Palette which is an obvious dupe of the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette.

I never imagined myself getting my hands on a complete matte eyeshadow palette, for the reason that I love a versatile one. However, after reading and watching many bloggers raving about the Kat Von D palette, I didn’t mind spending a small amount on the dupe to get an initial thought.  

The Shade + Light is a fully matte palette where the shadows are divided into quads of neutral, cool and warm shades which makes combining them easy for a main purpose of contouring the eyes for more definition. A double ended brush is also included in this palette.

The new talc free formula seems to do its magic here. The shades are soft and apply smoothly and easily with a minimal fallout but nothing that can’t be handled. The blendability and pigmentation are also impressive. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about this palette when I first got it. And it’s fully matte, I thought there won’t be a lot of choices in term of looks whereas I’m amazed at the variety of looks you can create using the Light & Shade palette.

| Neutral Shades Swatches |

| Cool Shades Swatches |

| Warm Shades Swatches |

The packaging though is a total fail. I wasn’t expecting a cheap quality especially for such a gorgeous palette. I think an Iconic Pro kinda packaging would have been a better suit.

Unlike what I expected I love this palette. Makeup Revolution once more is offering an amazing product. It’s perfect for everyday use offering a wide range of matte shadows to be used in every single look. It’s with no doubt a must have for every beauty guru.

Thank you for reading.

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