How About A Cup O' Coffee From Lush???

by - 2:18:00 PM

It’s always a joy for me to walk into Lush Shops. I mainly find myself hooked by their exfoliators and masks for the fact that they’re perishables and made from fresh ingredients ONLY. During this time of year, I couldn’t stop myself from picking, once again the Let The GoodTimes Roll Cleanser, previously reviewed here, which became a season staple for me, and the Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask.

For the past couple of years I tried few DIY coffee scrubs which quickly became regular on my weekly beauty menu. I was though intrigued by the Lush naming of this mask and the texture that is grainy, not too rough though nor too runny.  The obvious main ingredient being coffee energizes and exfoliate tired skin while the kaolin clay deep cleans the pores, conjointly with the Agave syrup which is key in holding this mask together.

I tend to apply this mask in the shower only as it tends to be messy in the sink. However, the exfoliation of the Cup O’ Coffee mask is absolutely glorious. The caffeine in fact stimulates the blood circulation which appears in the form of a radiant and brighter skin.

I don’t drink coffee nonetheless I love the smell. Yet the Cup O’ Coffee smell doesn’t remind me exactly of freshly brewed coffee but more of a flavored one with vanilla and cocoa which I can only describe as delightful.

I’m very happy I got to try the Cup O’Coffee Face And Body Mask. If it wasn’t for the shelf life of Lush products, I would stuff my bathroom with it. It assuredly delivers softer, plumper, and polished skin leaving you with a chic feeling.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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