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Hey Guys,

Our skin is our barrier against the internal and external infection hence setting a few minutes each day to tend to it seems a small price to pay. A simple routine can make a dramatic difference in your skin's health but a proper daily regimen entails cleansing, correcting, hydrating and protecting elements.   

Today I thought of sharing my morning and evening skin care routines.  To set the scene first, my skin is kinda normal to dry. I tend to get spotty if I don't take my makeup off, drop some steps of my routine or simply if I'm stressed and hormonal. 

Keep on reading if you're curious to know what my skin care routine looks like but I'm keeping the descriptions really brief.

The morning: 

As my day starts, I like to splash cold water on face and then go for one of my two cleansers; depending on how my skin feels that morning:
For normal days, the tea tree & witch hazel foaming facial wash (check the review here) does the job.
For lazy days: The Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser gives a fresh cooling feeling. I'm just finishing the bottle I have and will not re-purchase it. Click here for my review. 

To soften the skin and prepare it for an optimal absorption of what lies ahead I use the Clinique clarifying lotion as a toner which provides a cold, clean and fresh feeling... 

Best part of my morning routine is the serum. It's my secret weapon for a great skin and I can't stress out enough its importance... For this I choose to use only argan oil to get the most of its benefits. 

For hydrating and protecting the eye area I gently pat the Clinique superdense SPF20 age defense eye cream and I finally moisturise my face and neck with Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion +. This is such an effective and nourishing moisturiser, it is also light and non greasy that I highly recommend however I would rather find a morning moisturiser that has an SPF.

The evening:

Once my day is over,  and as I wear a fair amount of makeup, I prefer to cleanse twice. I first start with the  Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (reviewed earlier) for face and the Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye makeup remover. Second I use the the tea tree & witch hazel foaming facial wash with my clarisonic mia 2 to deep cleanse and unclog my pores. 

Every second day I love to exfoliate my skin to remove all impurities to revitalize the overall tone and texture of the skin, I skip the clarisonic on these days, and for this I simply switch between one of my on-hand exfoliaters:  

Hollywood Style Papaya Scrub.
Apricot Scrub. 
Aloe Vera Scrub 
Avalon Lavender Scrub

My next step is my same toner, then comes my second best part in this routine; my DIY Essential Oils Serum. I choose to apply it first to ensure that it infiltrates into my skin as any product applied before would just be a barrier. 
As for my treatment, I apply the Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector over my entire face including my eyes to lighten the dark spots and circles and yes it is doing a great job I have to admit. I follow by gently tapping the eye area using the Clinique all about eyes  which I got as a sample... I'm kinda loving it but I keep on thinking if I should consider another one. Finally my moisturiser remains the same as for morning.

At last, the Noviderm Soothing Repair Lipstick has been the best lip treatment for me so far. 

And to pamper my skin, I tend to apply masks once to twice a week. My favorite ones for the time being are:

DIY Masks: Incredible for pulling out all blackheads and clogged pores. Find the recipes here.
Clinique Moisture Surge: It's a great product, very moisturising and still light. 

Either it's morning or evening, I always  allow each product 1 to 2 minutes to sink into the skin. 

Thank you for reading and I hope it has been informative! And always remember, that my routine is only an example, not a template!

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